9 Steps Guide on How to Become a Frontend Developer in 2021 by Sanjay Priyadarshi The Startup

If you already have a degree in a non-CS field or have other reasons not to pursue a degree, an alternative option could make the most sense. That said, completing a CS degree will certainly provide a strong education and solid preparation for a front-end career.

This will give you some experience to help you learn how companies hire and what it takes to be hired. Today, there are numerous JavaScript libraries available, all of which aim to make web application development easier. These are pre-written JavaScript scripts that make developing JavaScript-based applications easier. As a professional frontend developer, you should be familiar with APIs and how to consume and manipulate them.

Become a front end developer by building your knowledge base

The next thing which you definitely have to know is CSS, it’s going to be with you during all your front-end career, so better get very familiar with it. With CSS, you can create all the positioning of elements, give them colors, alignment, fonts, sizes, margins, and even some animations. From one point of view, CSS is very easy in the beginning, but when you try to master it, then you will see how many things are hiding behind which you had no idea about. Your approach for CSS should set up that you will learn new tricks during all your life. Now it’s the time to practice, having HTML and CSS you can create beautiful websites, dashboards, UI or UI elements. The more you will create, the better your knowledge will become.

Are front end developers in demand?

Front end developer jobs (also sometimes called front end engineering jobs) are some of the most in-demand roles, and for good reason — we wouldn’t get to enjoy Internet black holes without them!

According to a 2022 Stack Overflow survey, the median salary for front end developers in the United States is $60,000 per year. And as of August 2022, there were over 25,000 open front end developer jobs across the United States on Indeed.com, compared to a little over 12,300 for back end developers.

At this point, it would be nice to take a closer look at UI libraries like Bootstrap or UI Semantic or Foundation. Don’t be afraid; it’s enough to learn one of them to know how to use them all. I would recommend starting from Bootstrap because it is the most popular become a front end developer one and lots of companies use it. You need to find out what is responsive design and media queries because, in 2019, your projects have to be mobile-friendly. We require them to learn popular computer-based programming web languages like HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.

What Does a Front-end Developer Do?

These styles make your website more appealing and enjoyable to view and use for the end user. It is important to understand that you do not need to know everything before working as a front-end developer, but the fundamentals, such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, are always essential. It is a popular job, and everyone can become a Front-End Developer.

In this context, you need to have a sound knowledge of the Version Control System that allows you to track and control the changes in the source code more conveniently. Some of the most popular version control systems that can be taken into consideration are GitHub, Mercurial, Beanstalk, etc. Also, you need to learn about Responsive Design that is concerned with the compatibility of web page UI with different devices such as computers, phones, tablets, and others.

Front-end web developer

In some ways, frontend developers work where design and functionality combine. They’ll decide how interactive an element may be or work on how things are laid out. But they also focus on how things are coded and ensure other developers can understand their work. Once you have gained proper knowledge of frontend by learning necessary skills and building a simple résumé, you can now begin to search for front-end job opportunities.

  • Without CSS and HTML, there is no web design, no formatted text, no media, and not even simple images.
  • The latest studies predict that by 2020, there will be a deficit of approximately 1 million developers in the United States alone.
  • To get your first job, you’ll need to build a web development portfolio.
  • I hope this article answered all the most important questions and will help you to achieve your goal.
  • It’s completely reasonable to build the skills, portfolio, and experience you need to become a front-end developer in less than a year.
  • Building your portfolio is a way to easily prove that you know what you are doing as a front-end developer.